Our office provides almost all general dental services, including

  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Dental Implant restoration
  • Crowns (caps)
  • Bridgework
  • Preventive care such as cleanings and sealants
  • Tooth whitening (bleaching)
  • Fillings
  • Tooth extractions
  • Root canal treatment
  • Removable partial dentures.

Our experienced and educated staff assist Dr. Carroll in his goal of providing the best care modern dentistry has to offer.

We have made a significant investment in useful modern technology to help us treat our patients, including the Diagnodent, a low-power laser tied to a computer that can detect hidden dental decay and tell us how bad a cavity is, even before we’ve seen it with our own eyes.

image of child with face paintFor those situations where specialty care is needed, our office is affiliated with specialists in all areas of dental care.


We are happy to treat willing patients of any age. We make extra efforts to put children at ease when they come to visit us. We routinely utilize nitrous oxide gas (called “laughing gas”) on children to sedate them during most of the more “involved” procedures we perform. We will attempt to treat an unwilling child patient, but we will not restrain the child for treatment or be unduly firm in talking to them. If friendly persuasion will not work, we will refer the child to a pediatric dental specialist for treatment.


As in all other dental offices, we utilize injections of local anesthetics to “numb” the gums and teeth when necessary. We always paint on a topical anesthetic first, to numb the injection site before administering local anesthetics.

In addition, we can offer the use of nitrous oxide gas (“laughing gas”) to relax patients during treatment. A separate fee is charged for each appointment when nitrous oxide is used.