Doctor Carroll offers our patients . . .

  • his skill
  • his years of experience and judgment
  • sincere caring and listening

photo of smiling kidsOur office provides professional dental services in an environment of care and concern for our patients as individuals. Personal attention in a prompt and professional manner is emphasized. We respect our patient’s time and we make a conscious effort to stay on schedule and to satisfy our patients in every way.

We strive to help our patients have comfortable, attractive smiles. We want all our patients to have the opportunity to achieve and maintain optimum dental health for a lifetime. We offer each of our patients a “comprehensive care plan” for their dental health based on a complete, thorough examination and diagnosis of their needs. We recommend the same treatments we would choose for ourselves or our own families.

Choosing a dentist is an important personal decision. Our modern techniques for preserving and restoring your good dental health are much more [comfortable] than older technology. In an effort to make every dental experience as pleasant as possible, we offer a very relaxed and modern atmosphere.

Thank you for not smoking or using tobacco products. Smoking, dipping and tobacco chewing is hazardous to your health and affects our treatment result. These products contribute to gum problems, often hasten decay and the breakdown of our well planned and provided dental treatment.

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