image of a happy familyFamilies need to receive the maximum benefit they’re entitled to from their dental insurance. We are very familiar with most dental insurance plans used in this part of the state. Our office computer currently tracks coverage offered by over 300 different insurance plans held by people in this area. With so many plans available, there is a wide range of benefits available. Some people have very good insurance, offering 80% to 100% coverage of most dental procedures. Other plans are purchased which offer very limited benefits. We will try to give you an estimate of what we feel your coverage may be on a particular treatment procedure, but your actual coverage may be less. Remember: you want the insurance to always pay 100% of everything. The insurance company does not want to pay anything! We find that the final outcome is usually somewhere in the middle of these extreme positions.

We are very happy to handle the filing of dental insurance claim forms for our insured patients. Please be aware, though, that the insurance is yours, not ours. If your insurance company does not pay your dental bills, you will be expected to pay them yourself. If your insurance company delays or refuses payment of your claim, we will ask you to please pay your bill in full then deal with your insurance company yourself. We will be happy to furnish you with all the information needed to refile your claim.
We have absolutely no control over your insurance company and they do not consult us about what is and is not covered under the terms of the policy you or your employer purchased from them.

Our office makes every effort to accept insurance assignments and to estimate benefits payable for our patients, for their professional services. Insurance information must be provided so that we may enter the details into our computer system. Policies, insurance company rules, and exclusions, differ greatly and are subject to detailed written contracts which are negotiated by employers and insurance companies. We can only estimate coverage since our office and patients are not supplied with all the details!

To avoid disappointment, we strongly suggest that patients check their employee handbook or with their personnel office, to make sure that your dental insurance assumptions are correct. As you know, insurance companies only pay a portion of the dental investment. We will accept insurance assignment, to be applied toward your dental investment, with a signed agreement. The patient is responsible for any unpaid claims.