Your comfort during dental treatment is important to us. Very important! Just take a look below at some of the things we do to make your visit with us as easy as possible…

SUNGLASSES. Our dental operating light is very bright. There’s no reason for you to lay in the dental chair and stare at this bright light in your face. Just ask us for some sunglasses. We always have a pair handy for you!

LIP BALM. In dentistry we do a lot of stretching of folk’s mouths to get access to perform various procedures. All this stretching can be uncomfortable if your lips are dry. We keep a nice supply of lip balm on hand. Just ask if you need some. The lubrication can make your visit with us much more comfortable.

NITROUS OXIDE GAS. Laughing Gas has been used in dentistry for 150 years to make dental treatment easier. The gas will not put you to sleep. It merely sedates you, making your appointment seem to pass more quickly and easily. Let us know if you want to use it during your appointment.

ANESTHETICS. As in all dental offices, we use local anesthetics to numb the teeth and gums when necessary. These anesthetics have probably prevented more pain and suffering than any invention ever developed by mankind. The anesthetic is not expensive and we have cases of it in the stock room. So please tell us if, during treatment, you need more anesthetic. Unless you tell us, we don’t know if you’re completely numb or not!

BLANKETS. In the modern dental office the staff works behind a hot mask, wearing hot gloves and a hot, fluid-resistant jacket. As a result, the dental treatment area is keep pretty cool, year round. If you get cold during your visit, just ask us for a lap blanket. We keep several clean ones handy all the time!